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The Antares High Growth Shares Fund

If you’re looking to add something a little different to your client’s portfolio from your typical Australian shares allocation, the Antares High Growth Shares Fund could be right for them.

But different doesn’t mean new or untested. In fact, the Antares High Growth Shares Fund is now in its 20th year of targeting alpha for investors and has delivered 10.6% pa after fees since inception, as at 31 January 2019*.

It’s a long/short Australian equities portfolio and its investment manager, Richard Dixon, has delivered performance through market cycles over the long term. Richard uses Antares’ fundamental, research-based stock picking process plus, he can short sell, take enhanced long positions and use active trading strategies^.

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This fund could suit an investor who wants to benefit from:

  • Active, bottom-up stock selection that’s style agnostic – not value and not growth 
  • A differentiated and diversified exposure to Australian shares
  • A long/short strategy that has delivered alpha through different market conditions over the long term#
  • A selectively contrarian approach that’s been the hallmark of the Antares team for nearly 25 years

Read more about how the Antares High Growth Shares Fund can add to your client’s investment story. Or contact your local business development manager to learn more about the fund.

Australian equities are our story

The Antares Equities team believe superior investment performance can only be achieved through a disciplined and sceptical approach to investing that provides them with the courage to move against markets to unlock value. Learn more about the team and their investment philosophy.

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Don’t forget risk

Risk Level (expected volatility) High: While high levels of volatility in the Fund offer investors the potential for higher returns over the long term, the likelihood of the value of your investment going down over the short term is relatively high compared to funds investing in other types of assets such as fixed income or cash. See section 5 ‘Investment risks’ of the Product Disclosure Statement for further information.

You can read more detail about the investment risks associated with the Antares High Growth Shares Fund in the Product Disclosure Statement, section 5. These risks are: market risk, security specific risk, derivatives risk, short selling risk, leveraging risk, counterparty risk, fund risk, liquidity risk, risk of underperformance, credit (default) risk.

All investments carry risk. Different investment strategies carry different levels of risk depending on the underlying mix of assets that make up the strategy. While Antares Equities’ disciplined, risk-controlled investment approach aims to generate investment returns over the long term, it is important for you to carefully consider the risks of investing in each Antares Equities fund.


* Inception date is 7/12/1999. Net returns are calculated using exit unit prices, assume that all distributions are reinvested and are net of ongoing fees and expenses. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

^ The portfolio can invest in expected to be listed as well as listed Australian equities.

# As at 31/01/2019, the Antares High Growth Shares Fund has delivered a positive net excess return per annum since inception, 7/12/1999. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. See the latest performance here