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The Antares Listed Property Model Portfolio is an actively managed portfolio that primarily invests in property securities that are listed, or expected to be listed on the Australian share market. The Model Portfolio may also invest in listed Australian companies that operate in the property industry such as listed property development and funds management companies, as well as listed infrastructure companies, where the income and assets are property-related in nature.

The Model Portfolio aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 200 A-REIT Accumulation Index (before fees) over rolling five-year periods.

Inception date 9 October 2014
Benchmark S&P / ASX 200 A-REIT Accumulation Index
Management fee 0.6700% p.a. of the value of your Portfolio (including GST net of Reduced Input Tax Credit)
Cash holding 1-10%
Number of equities 10 to 30
Inspecie transfer Yes
Minimum regular savings plan $500
Minimum investment $20,000
Minimum additional investment $2,000
Income Choice of monthly dividend distribution or re-investment
Availability Direct via Antares, MLC Wrap and Navigator  
Portfolio suitability

The SMA is suitable for investors with an investment horizon of five or more years, who are seeking a concentrated portfolio of Australian property and property related securities. The SMA aims to provide investors with moderate long term capital growth and income.

  • Individual accounts - Each SMA investor has absolute entitlement to, and beneficial ownership in, the assets that make up their portfolio.
  • Transparency - The SMA allows clients to view the underlying equities that are held within their chosen model portfolio(s).
  • Transferability - With the exception of shares in National Australia Bank, existing Australian equities can be transferred into a client's model portfolio when making an initial investment, retaining beneficial ownership.
  • No inherited capital gains - An individual cost base is established for the client on the day the equities are purchased or transferred into the SMA. This means tax is only paid on realised capital gains accumulated from the day the client invested in the equities.
Risks Refer to 'Risks of investing in the SMA'.
Performance View performance
Research House Ratings Lonsec: Rated

The above is just a snapshot of the SMA's terms and features. Further terms and conditions are set out in the SMA's PDS.

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