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Antares Fixed Income covers a range of fixed interest instruments across the risk spectrum, including sovereign debt, bank bills, corporate bonds, hybrid securities, private debt and derivatives.

Antares Fixed Income’s core investment process:

  • Maximises running yield without compromising capital preservation;
  • Focuses on fundamental and qualitative research;
  • Performs deep research on individual securities;
  • Considers technical and quantitative analysis; and
  • Understands illiquidity and how to take advantage of it.

Antares Fixed Income seeks to make tilts away from the benchmark, enhancing returns through a combination of core and tactical strategies. Core strategies consist primarily of credit selection and running yield maximisation, while tactical strategies focus on duration, yield curve and spread positions.

Investment solutions

Fund name APIR code Benchmark Inception date Fund profile
Antares Diversified Fixed Income Fund PPL8808AU Bloomberg AusBond Australian All Maturities Composite Bond Index 9 July 2019  
Antares Income Fund PPL0028AU Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index 4 November 2013