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The Fund may suit investors looking to diversify a portfolio that is already weighted to growth-focussed assets, such as shares and property. The Fund predominantly invests in a combination of:

  • highly-rated longer-maturity bonds, including bonds issued by governments, to provide diversification of returns from growth assets, and
  • shorter-maturity corporate bonds that Antares believes will enhance the Fund's returns while managing risk.

The Fund aims to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Australian All Maturities Composite Bond Index over rolling three year periods, after deducting Management fees.


Inception date 9 July 2019
Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Australian All Maturities Composite Bond Index
Management fee 0.35% pa of the Fund’s net asset value (inclusive of GST)
Buy/sell spread +0.05% / -0.05%
Minimum investment $20,000
Minimum additional investment $1,000
Distribution Quarterly
Availability TBC
Indicative asset allocation range

Australian fixed income: 0 - 100%
Global fixed income: 0 - 50%

Foreign currency exposures will be substantially hedged to the Australian dollar.

The Fund may invest in a broad range of securities and derivatives directly or through funds managed by Antares, including:

  • government and government-related bonds
  • corporate bonds
  • mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities
  • hybrid and convertible securities
  • cash and short-term securities, and
  • interest rate and credit derivatives including swaps, options and futures.


Fund suitability

Fund is suitable for investors who:

  • want to invest in an actively managed fixed income portfolio designed to provide diversification of returns for a growth-focussed portfolio
  • want to generate income from your investments and are comfortable the income amount may fluctuate, and
  • are willing to accept some credit risk, including and interest rate risk, to grow your assets over the long term.
  • Access to a fixed income funds that is designed to be used within a diversified growth focussed portfolio
  • Potential to generate income
  • Access to a Fund that seeks to meet investor’s needs for liquidity in all market conditions.
  • Access to Antares’ proven investment expertise
Risks Risks specific to investments in fixed income instruments may include credit (default) risk (i.e. the risk of an issuer defaulting on their payments increases with declining quality of credit markets) and interest rate risk (the value of the Fund's investments may be sensitive to changes to interest rates). Please refer to the fund's offer document for more information.
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Research House Ratings TBC

The above is just a snapshot of the Fund's terms and features. Further terms and conditions are set out in the Fund's PDS.