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The aim of the Fund is to actively manage a portfolio with the objective of matching a liability profiles key risks (cashflows, duration, convexity), using propriety modelling software.

Inception date October 1991
Benchmark Customised benchmark. Liability aware and determined by client.
Management fee Negotiable
Performance fee Nil
Buy/Sell spread Nil
Minimum investment Negotiable
Investment approach
  • Asset-Liability Management solutions can range from traditional benchmark aware fixed income portfolios to more customised matched portfolios constructed to back specific liability streams derived from various business lines;
  • Portfolio solutions are typically constructed with a special focus on meeting the requirements of insurance clients, or other clients with identifiable liability cashflow obligations;
  • Customised portfolios of fixed interest and/or inflation linked assets are managed to meet the specific risk and return needs of a broad range of insurance clients, including life, general, health, disability and mortgage insurance among others;
  • The customised matched portfolio can be constructed with a direct look through to the underlying liability profile;
  • A customised matched portfolio solution will typically involve the construction and management of an asset portfolio designed to align with the liability cashflow profile. The degree of the cashflow match undertaken along with the credit and interest rate risk tolerance is managed in line with the client’s appetite given their capital, return and risk objectives;
  • Capital aware and capital optimisation form a key part of Antares' Asset-Liability portfolio management solutions.

Risks specific to investments in fixed income instruments may include:

  • credit and default risk (the value of the Fund's investments may be sensitive to changes to credit spreads and/or default due to a deterioration in a bond issuers ability to repay debt)
  • interest rate risk (the value of the relevant Fund’s investments may be sensitive to changes to interest rates)
  • inflation risk (the risk of inflation being higher than anticipated), and
  • liquidity risk (the risk of not being able to find a buyer in a timely manner).
Portfolio Manager

Mark Kiely

Portfolio Manager

Steven Lee

Portfolio Manager