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The aim of the Fund is to actively manage a liquid portfolio of Australian money market and short maturity fixed income securities to generate a regular income stream and preserve capital.

Inception date June 2014
Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index
Management fee The Management Fee is 0.18% p.a. of the Fund's net asset value before fee. See IM for further details.
Performance fee Nil
Buy/Sell spread Nil
Minimum investment $5M
Minimum additional investment Quarterly
Investment approach
  • To assist the Fund in meeting its daily liquidity requirements, the Fund will have substantial investments in highly rated securities that can be easily liquidated on a same day basis.
  • Invests primarily in deposits and loans issued by banks, ADI’s and other highly rated securities that it considers can be easily liquidated on a same day basis.
  • The Fund will not use leverage or short selling strategies.

To implement the investment strategy above, the Fund can invest in securities directly, or through funds managed by Antares consistent with the investment objective and approach.

Risks Risks specific to investments in fixed income instruments may include credit and default risk (ie  the risk that the issuer of security owned by the relevant fund may not meet their obligations to make interest payments, the repayment of capital or both), interest rate risk (the value of the relevant Fund’s investments may be sensitive to changes to interest rates),inflation risk (the risk of inflation being higher than anticipated), and liquidity risk (the risk of not being able to find a buyer in a timely manner). 
Portfolio Manager

Steven Lee

Portfolio Manager