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Fund name Entry Exit Date APIR Code
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* Closed to new investments.

Each fund's unit price is calculated by dividing the fund's net asset value (total assets less total liabilities) by the number of unit on issue to investors.
No allowance is made for entry fees that may be payable by an investor.

  • Unit prices are provided for your information only and are not guaranteed. During the time it takes to process an additional investment, switch or withdrawal, the unit price may vary and as a result, the unit price applicable to an additional investment, switch or withdrawal may be different to the unit price displayed above.

    Unit prices displayed are based on historical data and reliance should not be placed on the above information as the basis for making any investment, financial or other decision as past unit prices are not necessarily indicative of unit prices available in the future. Antares is not liable to any party that suffers loss as a result of relying on the unit price information provided above.