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  • 22/04/2024

    The case for copper: power demand surge

    In an era where the world is increasingly reliant on electricity, copper emerges as a critical component in meeting the surging demand. As the backbone of power infrastructure and a key enabler of technological advancements such as Electric Vehicles (EV), artificial intelligence (AI) and data centres, copper stands at the forefront of the energy revolution. In this paper, Antares Nick Pashias explores the compelling reasons why copper presents an attractive opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the evolving landscape of power consumption.


    Maybe elephants can dance - a contrarian take on China

    As a keen observer and frequent visitor to China, Antares Nick Pashias can often see trends that others are yet to grasp. He believes the Chinese government's focus on the renewable economy will help underpin the economic growth that was previously driven by property development.


    Has the demand for lithium in electric vehicles peaked?

    Batteries for Electric Vehicles (EVs) accounted for 60% of the global lithium end market in 2022. This paper explores the factors driving lithium demand in EVs – from EV sales to technology and size of batteries.


    Our take on the global consumer – and what it means for Australian investors

    Attending the leading global consumer conference provided us with insights into the major consumer trends - from inflation peaking to accelerating premiumisation, sustainability and the significance of China. Read how these are relevant to Australian investors.


    Postcards from the US

    In this series of three Postcards from his recent research trip to the US, Winston Chong, Deputy Portfolio Manager of Antares Ex-20 Australian Shares strategy, reveals his findings on trends in three sectors – Wine, Technology and Consumer. Antares is of the view that the macroeconomic environment in the US may be illustrative of what is to come in Australia, underpinning the value of on-the-ground insights for our stock selection and portfolios.


    With a positive view on Australia, here's how this fund manager is positioned

    In this interview Antares Equities, John Guadagnuolo, covers his pick of Australian companies he believes the market is currently undervaluing. He also delves into the macro-outlook and zooms into the company level to discuss his team’s view on markets now and in the years ahead including the Australian companies that are most likely to benefit from the end of China’s COVID-Zero measures.


    How to find “explosive growth” stocks outside the ASX 20

    How do you find explosive growth stocks outside the ASX 20? In this latest Livewire interview Antares Equities head of fundamentals and senior portfolio manager, John Guadagnuolo discusses why the Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities Fund avoids the 20 largest ASX companies and how the team pinpoints the stocks that are set for growth.


    The ASX company result looming largest on Antares’ radar

    John Guadagnuolo, head of fundamentals and senior portfolio manager, Antares Equities explains to Livewire how he and the team running the Antares ex-20 Australian Equities Fund see pricing power as one of the key themes for this earnings season. John also describes the team’s strategy for rotating stocks in and out of the portfolio.


    Why management incentives matter in the resource sector

    This article highlights how short and long term management incentives can drive resource company performance and examines the governance ramifications of differing incentive structures.


    Dividend Builder: Livewire Fund in Focus

    Featured on Livewire is the Antares Dividend Builder strategy. In this short video learn more about how the strategy seeks to deliver income and capital growth.


    When investing for income, don't get caught looking backwards

    Andrew Hamilton, Portfolio Manager of the Antares Dividend Builder strategy, recently talked to Livewire Markets about the health of the two big dividend-paying sectors: financials and commodities.


    Precision Medicine : Australian companies at the forefront of the revolution

    Precision (or Personalised) Medicine is targeted to individuals. It is changing the way that cancer and other diseases are being diagnosed and treated. Learn how it works and which Australian companies are leading the way.


    ASX ex-20 stocks: The sweet spot for earnings power

    John Guadagnuolo explains the benefits of investing outside the ASX 20, including diversification, greater dispersion of returns that can reward active managers and access to companies with potentially greater long term earnings power.


    What is blockchain? And how is it used in finance?

    Blockchain is innovative technology that has many advantages, but is not without risk. Learn how it is being used in Australia in finance.


    Antares Insights – Benchmarks and Income products: Are you comparing apples with pears, let alone oranges?

    When you look at performance relative to a benchmark do you ever consider if other funds use the same benchmark? A recent review of equity income products revealed a variety of benchmarks in use and with some big variations in performance. It’s not just benchmarks that vary, income may simply be dividends or it may be grossed up to include franking credits or even capital gains.

  • 11/09/2023 Product Update - Outcome of the Proposal for ACP to retire and appoint MLCI as RE
    18/08/2023 Product Update - ACP Unitholder Notice

    Change of Auditor – Managed Investment Schemes

    Subject to the receipt of ASIC approval, we will be changing the auditor for our managed investment schemes.


    Change of name to Insignia Financial Ltd - PDS Update

    IOOF Holdings Ltd ABN 49 100 103 722 has changed its name to Insignia Financial Ltd ABN 49 100 103 722 effective 10 December 2021. Therefore all references in Product Disclosure Statements and incorporated by reference documents to ‘IOOF Holdings Ltd’ should be read as ‘Insignia Financial Ltd’ and all references to ‘IOOF Group’ should be read as ‘Insignia Financial Group’. For more information about the change of name please click here for Antares Equities and here for Antares Fixed Income.


    Fund Termination

    The Antares Listed Property Fund and the Australian Equities Fund have been terminated. Antares Equities will continue to manage its flagship funds: High Growth Share Fund, Dividend Builder, Elite Opportunities Fund and Ex20 Australian Equities Fund. For more information about the fund terminations please click here for Property and here for Australian Equities.